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Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) are citizen volunteers who serve as Guardians ad Litem (GAL) for neglected and abused children in the Lucas County Juvenile Court system. A CASA/GAL volunteer’s primary focus is on what is best for the child. CASA/GAL advocates are trained by the Juvenile Court to investigate a child victim’s social and emotional background and current circumstances and make recommendations to the court regarding what is best for that child.

The CASA/GAL then monitors the child’s progress until the child is placed by the Court in a permanent home. The goal of the CASA/GAL advocate is to ensure that a child’s voice, needs, and wishes are heard by the Court and that the child’s right to a safe, permanent home is acted on in a sensitive and expedient manner.

CASA Fact Sheet – Learn what a CASA does on the job!

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Don’t have time to volunteer right now?

You Can Still Help!

  1. Please consider a donation to help us train additional advocates. Click Here to Make a Donation
  2. Please forward our website information to someone you think might be interested in becoming a CASA volunteer.
  3. Please ask us to speak at an upcoming meeting or church event. There is no charge and we provide an inside look at the child victims in our community and those committed to helping them.
  4. Apply to become a CASA/CRB Advisory Board Member. CASA/CRB Advisory Board Application


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