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Local Court Parenting Time Schedule

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CASA Volunteers: A Training Opportunity

Watch the interactive video “Trapped” on (or just click on the web address below), and then shoot us an email at to tell us you have watched this video.

Lucas County CASA is offering 0.5 training credit hours for viewing this video.

Live outside Lucas County, and interested in becoming a CASA volunteer?

CASA/CRB Advisory Board Trustees

Kate Malone, R.N.

Kate Malone, R.N.


Christy Cole, J.D.
Bishop Robert Culp
Jennifer Dawson, J.D.
Dave O’Brien, CPA
Shirley Green, Ph.D.
Kate Malone, R.N.
Pastor Kathi Pitts
Bradley J. Rieger
Libby Ruppert, M.D., FAAP
Joe Sharp
Mark Sobczak
Baldemar Velasquez
Mark Wagoner, J.D.
Pat Walter

Book Reviews

We have many books in the CASA Office library – read and earn training credits (one hour for 100 pages or less; 2 hours for 101 pages or more)!

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